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NxtG PHYSIO St-Hubert (XPN World)

Physiotherapy clinic in Saint-Hubert

Centre XPN

Our physiotherapy clinic in Saint-Hubert is located inside the Centre XPN gym. Dedicated to performance and education in injury prevention, this private club is a unique concept in the South-Shore of Montreal. Know that our physio services are accessible to everyone, whether you’re an XPN member or not!

You want to maintain form, prevent injury or repair broken body parts? We’re here to help in those matters. Our workspace allows us to offer personalized service to each and one of you. Our reputed and professional physios will make any of your highest goals a reality. We strive in providing a quality experience in a welcoming environment, for ensuring optimal rehabilitation. 

Our clinic is easily accessible from anywhere on the South-Shore of Montreal, whether you live in Longueuil, Brossard or in the whereabouts of. 

We can’t wait to share our experience with you!


About the Centre XPN

This gym has a unique design, additionally to brand-new equipment. You have to see it to believe it, and honestly, what’s more frustrating than over-used machines? At XPN, you’ll find everything under the same roof: private training, nutritional guidance, naturopathy and physiotherapy services, a circuit training system and much more! The team of personal trainers is diversified and highly competent. They stay up to date with the science of training in their never-ending staff classes, to offer the sharpest counselling in techniques and well-being. You won’t believe how fun their workouts are!


Book an appointment with a working physiotherapist at this location: 

Dominic Baillargeon, CEO

Tiffany Taylor

Eugène Beiline

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