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Massage therapist and kinesitherapist

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Wishing is not enough; we must do.”-Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


His superpowers

Our massage therapist and kinesitherapist Tristan Valiquette-Leclerc listens attentively to his clients’ needs, without doubt. He adapts to any kind of personality and makes sure to connect with all patients, making them feel comfortable, welcomed and familiar. This is what actually distinguishes a good massage experience from a bad one. 

His passions

When Tristan isn’t working, he’s usually at the CrossFit gym, doing powerlifting and functional trainings. He’s very passionate about hockey, tennis and outdoor sports. 

His approach

Tristan Valiquette-Leclerc is a calm and meticulous professional that everyone love. His patients will never come off the table without immense contentment and relaxation. Growing up in many competitive sports, his main one was hockey. He faced a lot of injuries and stress in his athletic journey and realized that these factors play a huge role in one’s quality of life and happiness. To showcase his knowledge and impact others positively, he decided to become a specialized massage therapist in kinesitherapy and orthotherapy. His mission is to help people gain all-round health and mobility. Whether you need physical or psychological relief, Tristan treats all patients with great care and valuable advice. 


Tristan’s experience in elite hockey and CrossFit taught him that the human body is fragile or, in other words, definitely not exempted from unpredictable injuries and tensions. This pushed him to study massage therapy, then orthotherapy and kinesitherapy. He finished training in kinesitherapy and is now enrolled in an orthotherapy program. Tristan can administer techniques for either relaxation or sport recovery; whatever you need, maybe both. During your appointment, he will first listen and talk with your about your needs.


〉 CrossFit
〉 Hockey
〉 Tennis

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Montreal – Saint-Henri

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