Physiotherapy Clinic in Brossard

Décathlon Brossard

Our physiotherapy clinic in Brossard is located within the premises of the Décathlon sports superstore. Our physiotherapy facility is accessible to everyone, whether you are a customer of Décathlon or not!

Whether you want to maintain your body, prevent injuries, or recover from existing ones, we are here to help. Our treatment space allows us to provide personalized care. Our professional and reputable physiotherapists will work closely with you to help you achieve your goals. Our main concern is to offer you a high-quality experience in a warm and performance-oriented environment, ensuring optimal rehabilitation.

Our clinic is easily accessible throughout the South Shore of Montreal, whether you live in Longueuil, Brossard, or the surrounding areas.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you!

About Décathlon

Décathlon Brossard is the very first branch established in Quebec in 2018. Their team works hard every day to make sports accessible to as many people as possible by offering a range of products for over 65 different sports. They have a great selection of hiking and swimming products, catering to the needs of the local market: the South Shore of Montreal! They also organize numerous free sports events in their gymnasium or outdoors. The Décathlon family continues to grow with over 100 sports advisors available to assist you in your sporting endeavors.

Schedule an appointment with one of our physiotherapists at the following address:

Nxt Generation PHYSIO

2151 Boulevard Lapinière, Brossard, J4Z 0E3

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