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Cranial and jaw therapy

  • Cranial approach in manual theraphy

    Certain people suffer from chronic illnesses that are difficult to solve entirely. Thankfully, there is sometimes the possibility of reducing symptoms and that way enhance the quality of people’s lives in a significant manner by treating the head directly with cranial physiotherapy.

    Treated conditions

    • BPPV and vertigo
    • Dizziness
    • Migraines
    • Post-Concussion syndromes
    • Tinnitus

    The physiotherapists work more and more in collaboration with dentists in treating pain and blockages at the jaw level. As a matter of fact, several physiotherapy techniques favor the relaxation of the articulation of the temporomandibular joint (TMA) and structures that are attached to them.

    Treated conditions

    • Articular pain of articulation of the jaw and teeth pain
    • Grinding of the teeth
    • Blockage in the jaw
    • Unalignment