Corporative physiotherapy

« Nxt Generation PHYSIO treats every kind of work like a sport in itself. »

After analysing the biomecanic of several hundreds athletes, Nxt Generation PHYSIO is now developping the same expertise in the performance at work field with our corporative physiotherapy service.

Every day, a thousands of people go to work and sacrifice hours of their time to execute tasks and repetitive movements.

Without realizing it, bad postures ruin quietly the quality of life at work.

Most of the time, stiffness, aches and pain are a slow down to the performances at work.

The consequences of our fast-moving pace life rythm can be avoid if we treat the sources of the different causes of the pain. It’s why our corporative physiotherapy service are here to help you !

Maximize your potential in remote working 

Remote work is increase, indeed lot of people contact us for their neck, shoulder, arm or back pain. Discomforts and pains are caused by a workstation which is not optimize for the employee. Sometimes the screen or the table are too high, the keyboard is too far…

Each person is different  and needs is own facilites and posture depending on his own physiognomy. A consultation with a physiotherapist is beneficial because they are experts in biomechanics.

In addition to their knowledge they can analyse each employee’s movements and prescribe personalized exercices to improve  his/her condition.

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At Nxt Generation PHYSIO, our mission is to reduce the cost of ergonomic assessments.

Our rates are more than competitive. You could even get your first conference FREE (certain conditions apply).

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