Bike Fitting

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Bike Fitting

Does your knee, shoulder, back or neck hurt while riding your bike? It’s likely that your bike isn’t adjusted to your morphology or condition. Bike fitting is mandatory for riding safely and comfortably as much as it is for reaching peak performance, too.
Maybe you’re not in pain now, but it’s important to act in terms of injury prevention. The use of a poorly adjusted bike can cause long-term discomforts and injuries. Many factors are taken into account: size, print and coordinates of the seat and the handlebar; according to your alignment with the pedals and your type of shoes.

What to expect upon your visit


Why come see a physio for this?

Physiotherapists are experts in biomechanics and the human body. While following the rules of Nature, they’ll take your technique, limits and morphology into account. Everyone is different and deserves the right plan for an optimal performance. A certified BikePT physiotherapist would see your body’s compensations and prescribe you exercises to correct and strengthen your mobility.

Private insurance coverage

The fees for a bike fitting appointment can be covered if your private insurance plan includes physiotherapy services.