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Osteopathy in Montreal

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Your body is your racing car
Accessible to everyone
Osteopathy is a global approach that, through gentle manipulations, aims to restore balance to the body and promote its capacity for self-regulation. The therapist works at the level of the different systems of the body, whether muscular, bone, nervous, fascial, lymphatic or visceral.
By ensuring that your body is in balance, it will be easier for your body to adapt to the stress and tension that you can sometimes put it through!
What we are dealing with

Whether you made a false move or suffered a sports injury, we are here to prevent and treat them. 

Looking to improve your sports performance and mobility? We’re not just there when you’re in pain! A lack of mobility can originate from anywhere in the body.

 Cranial work in osteopathy helps to release tensions that can cause certain kinds of migraines.

A stiff neck or persistent neck pain is often a sign that a larger injury is hidden. Come and demystify it.

Like muscles, organs can be tense. If they are important, the function of the organs can be reduced and cause digestive problems.

Osteopathy can reduce or eliminate pain in ankles, wrists, carpal tunnels, elbows, etc.

A multi-disciplinary team

Our team of physiotherapists, osteopaths and physical rehabilitation therapists will help you regain your mobility and treat your ailments.
Trust the pros!
What to expect at your first session

In the first few minutes of the session, we will assess your health and determine the causes of your pain. 

We will manage to dislodge pain and release tension with several manual therapy techniques.

To ensure that care is sustainable, we will give you exercises and tips that you can apply at home.