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Athletic and sport physiotherapy in Montreal


Mechanotherapy, is our ultimate weapon in propelling our athletes toward the very top.

Mechanotherapy is the study of the mechanic forces produced by the human body during physical activity. Each sport is unique and it represents a different mechanical stress on the body. The understanding of the specifics of each of these sports is essential to obtaining fast and durable results.

If you are a recreational athlete or a high-performance athlete, our personnalized approach will know how to treat your demands.


We optimize the performance of our athlete

We support our athletes

We are attentive and close to your sport

Expertise:NxtG Cross Training

Our PR: Physio at the Regional CrossFit Games 2X

No Time CAP with follow-ups with several dozens of Regional Athletes

AMTAP: As many treatments as possible with over 100 amateur athletes in over 20 CrossFit gyms.

We understand your sport from A to Z and we can take you further.

Expertise:NxtG Hockey

Highlight: Physio for Team Canada at the World Championship U-17.

Special Skill: The cranial approach and treatment of symptoms related to concussions.

Fiery Team Spirit with the Braves of Valleyfield Junior AAA and the Forestiers d'Amos Midget AAA

Ultimate life objective: Win the Stanley Cup

Expertise:NxtG Track

We optimize the potential of champions.

We keep PACE with the added analysis of several hundred races, which is one of our most valuable assets.

We counsel you on the best choice of shoes.

We have especially helped over a hundred amateur runners to get back on the course every year.

Expertise:NxtG Golf

We optimized the potential of a PGA Canada champion

When you practice your “Short Game”, we follow you with advanced programs in golf.

We analyze you game and we help you develop a mindset of fire.

We understand sports, because we practice sports.

Expertise:NxtG Triathlon

Physio at IRONMAN 5X

We are consultants in research/development for BART COACHING

We analyze the positions of your technique.

Treating an old injury that returns right before a triathlon is a way of life for us.


The physio of the Carabins men’s soccer team is a part of NxtGSQUAD.

We educate the young athletes AAA in injury prevention.

The rehab of a torn anterior cruciate ligament after surgery, is a part of our daily routine.

Expertise:NxtG Obstacle Course Race

Physio at the Spartan Race 4X, Battle Frog Series 1X, and Dead End Race 1X

Our Nxt Generation ambassadors are almost always on the Podium!

The taping of a sprained ankle has no more secrets from us.

The Rig is always our friend, even if we fall often. The mud also softens the fall and takes most of the shock.

Our mission: Helping hundreds of runners grow from survival mode to Finishers!