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“Happiness depends on us alone” – Aristote

Her superpowers

Very sensitive and attentive to the needs of the other person, Karen thinks above all to adapt her method to the person who will call upon her. Whether you are athletic or not, in physiotherapy or in massage therapy, each of your needs will be taken into account.

His passions

Karen shares a taste for adventure with her cat Gisèle. So they often go out in the great outdoors to discover the best parts of Quebec. Otherwise, she enjoys paddleboarding, hiking, biking and many other sports, all with the sole purpose of having fun on every outing.

His approach

Karen is gentle in her approach in general, but always with the goal of targeting the patient’s problem. Her approach is similar with both physiotherapy and massage therapy clients. A strength that consists of a mix of manual therapy and exercises with the goal of empowering and preventing injuries.


Originally from Abitibi, Karen broke away from her native land to do her physiotherapy technique in Chicoutimi, from which she graduated in 2017. The same year she finished her training to become a massage therapist at the Academy of Massage and Orthotherapy. Before starting her career as a therapist, Karen worked as a beneficiary attendant. She started as a physiotherapy technologist in a CLSC/CHSLD with a geriatric clientele, and then moved to the private clinic when she arrived in Montreal in 2018. Since then, she has been working mainly with CNESST and SAAQ clients. Here at Nxt Generation PHYSIO, she continues to work with a more athletic clientele, while continuing with the CNESST cases.




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