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Physiotherapy clinic in Saint-Henri

After appealing to the members of training clubs across Greater Montreal, the Nxt Generation PHYSIO team opened their first physiotherapy clinic in Saint-Henri, in the South-West of Montreal. 

Our physio clinic in Saint-Henri is very spacious, allowing us to personalize and elevate any given treatment. Our main goal is to offer a quality experience, for optimizing your recovery in the most pleasant circumstances. 

We’ve also developed our own little gym, where athletes can push their limits in the safest way possible, where non-athletes can reach any rehabilitation goals, but mostly where anyone can take charge of their health. 


A unique concept in Montreal

What separates us from the traditional physio clinics of Greater Montreal is that we’re built to permanently change the world. In extension to our accessible and affordable clinic in Saint-Henri, we also operate our own research lab, independently. Every day, we strive to discover the unknown benefits of physiotherapy and prove that our field does much more than just treat-n-repeat! In this sense, our findings in movement analysis allows for athletes to optimize their performance, whether they’re professionals or amateurs. By documenting their behaviour; that’s how we keep developing our knowledge. Our lab is in fact a predilection tool in raising the scientific practises of physiotherapy! 

Our final goal is to provide, to all residents of the Saint-Henri neighbourhood in Montreal, a care that reflects our reputation in the world of sports: competency and reliability! We promise to take charge of every single client, whether they’re from an athletic background or not. Everyone should have access to the best quality in treatments, at a affordable price, for well-deserved health. 

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Nxt Generation PHYSIO

Physiotherapy clinic in Saint-Henri


4800, Saint-Ambroise Street, Office 100

Montréal, QC H4C 3N8


Metro: Lionel-Groulx or Place St-Henri

Autobus: 78

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