Nxtg Physio 440 Laval

Physiotherapy clinic in Laval (440)

A training centre over 30 000 square foot, with an integrated physiotherapy clinic, in Laval? What more can you ask for! Whether you’re a client at the Centre Sportif Extême Évolution or are simply looking for the best available treatment, our reputed physios welcome everybody!

Know that our workspace allows us to offer personalized service to each and one of you. Our main goal is to provide a quality experience in a welcoming environment, for ensuring optimal rehabilitation.

Whether you live in Laval or Sainte-Dorothée, or pass through Laval West, our physio clinic in the North-Shore is easily and quickly accessible. It’s on the service lane of Highway 440, right next to the Carrefour Laval, between Highway 15 and Highway 13. Shopping, working out and a physio appointment? In the same day? Now that’s practical!

The Centre Sportif Extrême Évolution is located on the service lane of Highway 440, in proximity to the Carrefour Laval shopping centre, between Highway 15 and Highway 13. 

We can’t wait to share our experience with you!

About the Centre Sportif Extrême Évolution

Take advantage of your appointment day and explore the astronomical quantity of available activities at the complex, in all levels. Beginner or advanced, everyone finds their spot. You’re more the yoga, boxing or spinning type? How convenient, because they offer specialized classes in those disciplines as well. So, you’re into obstacle course racing too? The Rig, a turf specially designed for this type of training, will surely satisfy your needs. In their range of services, you’ll also find extremely talented and certified personal trainers who’ll offer the kindest service. 

Book an appointment with a working professional at this location:

Nxt Generation PHYSIO Laval

4463, Highway 440

Laval West, QC H7P 6E2



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