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Physiotherapist and Director of Elite Programs

Formations: M.SC., PHT, SPC, PPAS

“If you’re on a path with no obstacles, you’re probably on someone else’s path.” – Christophe Lett

His superpowers

Our physiotherapist Christophe Lett has a rare gift: telepathy! Yes, he can read through people’s minds. He knows everything, so you can’t hide a secret from him. 

His passions

Christophe is a CrossFit amateur on his own time. Every year, he participates in CrossFit competitions in the Open division. He was also a hockey player since very young. He worked for Hockey Canada and other elite organizations, as a consultant in physiotherapy. When he’s not treating patients or training, he likes to work his brains playing esports that are, yes, a competitive discipline as well. 


At university, he took two years in kinesiology before rerouting his journey in physiotherapy. His academic performance earned him a scholarship and an internship at the National Sports Institute of Quebec, where he analyzed the biomechanic performance of many Olympic teams, all sports combined. Before, he was a consultant for Hockey Canada, Hockey Québec, the Collège André-Laurendeau (collegiate div. 1) and a therapist for the Valleyfield Braves (Junior AAA) and the Amos Forestiers (Midget AAA). He was also a physiotherapist at the ISBHF Worlds Championship of 2009, in the Czech Republic. For 7 years, he treated the Carabins men’s varsity soccer team of the University of Montreal, in addition to treating athletes of various backgrounds: track-and-field, obstacle course racing, Ironman and CrossFit. For being a perfectionist in life, he takes on several annual trainings in physiotherapy. He has a certification in Dry Needling (PPAS) and in National Sport Physiotherapy (SPC) that allows him to work with Canada’s Olympic teams. Today, Christophe is the Medical Director of Laval FC Soccer Club and Manager of the Elite Program of the Club de Gymnastique Gadbois, in addition to being a physiotherapist at Nxt Generation PHYSIO. 



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