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Physiotherapist and Director of Elite Programs

Formations: M.Sc., Pht

Physiotherapist in sports medicine, corporate speaker and director in developing elite programs at Nxt Generation PHYSIO.

Passionate about physical activity, Christophe has quickly directed his career in physiotherapy towards the world of sports. Constantly looking for more experience allows him to live his passion all the while developing a complete high-level service. He has chosen to apply himself in several different sports disciplines and he is presently a consultant for Hockey Quebec, the Valleyfield Braves (Junior AAA) and the Amos Foresters (Midget AAA). He has also worked as a physiotherapist during the ISBHF World Championship in Czech Republic. Furthermore, he has worked for more than five years with the University of Montreal men’s soccer team the Carabins and several athletes from ORC, Ironman and CrossFit.

In addition to his experience as a therapist, he has also completed two years of University in Kinesiology. His efforts earned him a scholarship and an internship at the National Institute of Sport of Quebec where he worked mainly in biomechanical performance analysis with Olympic teams from different disciplines. In constant search for improvement, he takes several physiotherapy training courses every year. Recognized for his manual dexterity, his ability to create a bond of trust, his listening skills and his approach based on the quality of movement, he will undoubtedly ensure the satisfaction of your needs, regardless of your activity level.