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« Do it or not, there is no try. » 
– Master Yoda

His Superpowers

Jonathan has the ability to think outside the box. For him, nothing is set in stone, and he doesn’t hesitate to integrate different approaches to get you back on your feet.

His Passions

Strength is Jonathan’s great passion, both in strongman competitions and powerlifting. But beyond his dedication to pushing the limits of his body, he enjoys indulging in all kinds of readings. Particularly those that allow him to learn and continue his personal growth every day.

His Approach

As a former national competitive athlete, Jonathan knows the sacrifices and stresses the human body can endure. Whether during a season or a competition, he can understand your experience because he has been through it himself.


Jonathan is a former elite athlete who has participated in numerous strongman competitions. Since 2008, he has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist. In addition to his athletic pursuits, he holds a degree in physical rehabilitation techniques, a diploma in kinesiology, and, of course, osteopathy.

Sports Disciplines


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