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Her Superpowers

Attentive to the needs of her clients, Jeanne will find the right words to reassure you while establishing a practical, effective, and inspiring intervention plan. Jeanne’s main assets? She is comforting, optimistic, and realistic.

Her Passions

Jeanne loves everything related to endurance sports and yoga. What she enjoys is their complementarity. Endurance sports constantly push her to go beyond her limits, forcing her to find solutions to keep moving forward and achieve her goals. On the other hand, yoga provides her with the tools and space to find those solutions, both mentally and physically.

Her Approach

For Jeanne, a massage therapy session is primarily therapeutic. She sees it as a connection between the psychological and physical aspects of the human body. The idea is to understand the mindset associated with the physical problem so that everyone leaves her room feeling at peace.


Truly passionate about physical activities, Jeanne aims to help her clients optimize their physical well-being to promote overall better health. To provide lasting assistance to the body, she firmly believes in the need to identify the causal factors of a client’s presented problem.


Endurance Sports


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