The 3 best exercises to improve flexibility

Posted on Thursday, May 20

The 3 best exercises to improve flexibility

We often underestimate the importance of flexibility in our daily activities. However, being flexible is necessary for the proper functioning of our muscles and joints, as well as for reducing the risk of injuries. Flexibility is essential. Don’t worry: flexibility can be improved, and everyone can enhance it!

 Benefits of Flexibility

You Will Be Stronger

The more flexible you are, the more you can use your full range of motion during movements. This way, your joints will be less tense, and you will be able to move better. With better execution of your exercises, you will see more results. Strength training and flexibility go hand in hand!

You Will Avoid Injuries

The more flexible you are, the less likely you are to get injured. By performing exercises better, you reduce the risk of injuries. Also, your muscles will be used to stretching and will be less likely to tear during sudden movements.

 How to Improve Flexibility

You don’t need to learn to do the splits or join Cirque du Soleil to improve your flexibility. Simply incorporate a few flexibility exercises into your routine or do a few yoga sessions per week. Here are some examples of exercises to add to your workout plan.

1. Self-Massage

One of the most effective exercises is self-massage using a ball and a foam roller. By massaging specific areas with the ball or foam roller, you release tension in your muscles and remove knots, which will increase your flexibility. Our physio recommends doing this exercise on the glutes, hamstrings, calves, and pectoral muscles.

2. Glute Pretzel Stretch

To perform the pretzel stretch, lie on your back. Then, bend your right leg over your left leg, bringing it close to your body. Hold the position for a few seconds, then switch legs. This exercise improves the flexibility of your glutes and quadriceps.

3. Kneeling Psoas Stretch

The kneeling stretch involves placing yourself in a lunge with one knee on the ground and lifting the back leg upward. This way, you stretch the psoas, a muscle often overlooked during stretching.

By applying these tips and tricks from our physiotherapist, you will be able to greatly improve your flexibility and overall muscle strength.

Don’t hesitate to meet one of our physiotherapists for personalized advice and exercises.

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