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Headaches, also known as cephalalgia, are among the most common complaints within the population. Contrary to popular belief, the recurrence of headaches does not mean they are incurable. In fact, many headaches can have their frequency and intensity reduced, or even completely disappear, with appropriate physiotherapy management.

Which population is affected ? 

Headaches can present in various forms and are triggered by a wide range of factors. They affect the entire population, both men and women. However, they are more frequently observed in women and individuals aged 20 to 50 years. The impacts of headaches include concentration problems, attention difficulties, and increased fatigue, negatively affecting work performance and physical activities.

What are the symptoms?

The pain caused by headaches can vary in terms of intensity, frequency, and location, ranging from a dull and continuous sensation to pulsating or sharp pains. Although symptoms may differ from one individual to another, the common factor remains a pain perceived in the head, often feeling internal. Some headaches may also be accompanied by neck pain or visual and/or auditory disturbances. It is crucial to accurately describe one’s symptoms during a medical consultation to allow for an accurate diagnosis and the development of an effective treatment plan.

What is the role of physiotherapy?

An assessment by a physiotherapist can determine if headaches, especially those of cervicogenic origin (stemming from issues within the cervical spine), can benefit from physiotherapeutic management. This approach may include patient education, performing specific exercises for cervical motor control, mobilizing the cervical joints, as well as providing postural advice for work and daily activities.

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