NXTG Squad

Saul Diaz


“What’s the next challenge ?”

His superpowers

Our physiotherapist Abner Saul Diaz has a great capacity for analysis, he thinks in 3 different languages! It is not unusual to see him with a cup of coffee to support his thinking.

His passions

Abner is an endurance sports enthusiast. He likes to be in motion, whether running, cycling, and ideally for as long as possible. This type of activity has given him a better understanding of the characteristics of these sports and, consequently, the daily life of patients during injuries, discomforts or in the prevention of injuries.

His approach

Abner bases his consultations on listening and analyzing the movement. All this coupled with his knowledge to target the problem and build a treatment plan accordingly.


Abner completed his college training to become a physical rehabilitation therapist. He then studied 2 years in kinesiology before starting the bachelor-master degree in physiotherapy at the University of Montreal. He graduated in 2019, since his graduation, he has completed several trainings related to running, bike positioning as well as manual therapy trainings in order to perfect his practice in physiotherapy.


Running or trail running

Road biking

Cross-country skiing

Field hockey

Available in these clinics 

Montréal- Saint-Henri 

Brossard – Decathlon