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Technologist in physiotherapy

“Sports do not build character, they reveal it.”-John Wooden


Her superpowers

Our techonogist in physiotherapy Audrey-Anne Aubé will never leave you walking out the clinic without a full understanding of her explanations. She’s in fact a great communicator, always putting a touch of enthusiasm and dynamism to her service. 

Her passions

She’s really the outgoing and curious type. Formerly a basketball player at Collège Montmorency for 3 years, a cheerleader for 10 years and counting and a surfer on her own time, she truly understands the reality of athletes. Audrey-Anne Aubé is also artistic, being gifted in drawing. She’s the one behind the art in our conference room! 

Her approach

Audrey-Anne has a very soft approach. She particularly likes the techniques of myofascial release. She takes pride in bringing the clients to the gym and teaching them adequate form, since muscle strengthening is key to recovery. Always thinking out of the box, she likes to innovate methods. But, what she values the most is the patients’ comprehension of their body. She’s extremely thorough in her cues for technique, during an appointment. 


She earned her collegiate diploma in physiotherapy at the Collège Montmorency in 2020. With her title of technologist in physiotherapy, she quickly earned her spot at university in her field, undertaking bachelor’s and master’s degrees. She already has a lot of experience for her age, working with the Nomades’ therapists in cégep, more specifically on the field with the football team. She has her Sports First Responder qualification; only a few people have that. Audrey-Anne is highly intellectual too. She spends her free time educating herself on traditional and new physio practices. She’s at the best place to learn, following the staff trainings of Nxt Generation PHYSIO


〉 Surf
〉 Basketball
〉 Cheerleading

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