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About 90% of people experience back pain in their lifetime. Identifying and treating these problems with a physiotherapist is a solution to better understand your body and prevent the reoccurrence of pain.

Low back pain or LBP can be caused by a variety of conditions. It can occur after a sudden event, like lifting a heavy box for example, or set in over the course of many months, see many years. Though the causes of LBP are varied, they’re characterized by immense pain, usually due to low range in the spinal articulations or muscle tensions, or a combination of both cases. Countless and sometimes unseeable factors can play a role in LBP.


Physiotherapists are experts in evaluating and treating the possible causes of your lower back pain. They demystify them by overviewing your posture in main activities like sleep, work, sports and leisure and by giving you drills and a new posture to try in those activities. Finding the ideal sleeping position for your body is optimal for better sleep and recuperation of LBP. 

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LBP could also be the result of sciatica, a painful condition of the sciatic nerve going from the spinal cord to the feet. It’d be accompanied by numbness, burning or hefty sensations descending in the leg. 

Bad posture, whether it be at work or home, muscle tensions and the lack of mobility and motion control, in the back and hip area, are the usual causes of LBP. Know that LBP can affect anyone, whether you’re an office worker, manual worker or an athlete, a physiotherapist can treat it and prevent it from reoccurring. 

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The first symptoms of LBP and sciatica are occasional and never forbidding, really, in daily activities and leisure. The pain is bearable until it’s not. Since mobility and posture are at the source of LBP, rest would temporarily ease the pain away, whereas treating the alignment in the articulations would actually improve your condition more durably.

The small, cumulated discomforts of LBP and sciatica can only get worse with time because they impair movement, by changing the physiognomy of the tissues and nervous connections. Over time, blocking and pinching sensations would occur after a physical or prolonged activity like working out, happy hour (standing) or a road trip (sitting) for example.

Thus, it would be wise to consult a physiotherapist who’ll treat the pain at its source and help you change your patterns, not learn to live with them. Because LBP is sometimes inevitable, our goal is to show you how to take care of your body in the best way possible.

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